Correction of symptoms of impaired urination in men with the drug Diunorm ®


DOI: 10.29188/2222-8543-2020-13-4-76-80

S.V. Shkodkin, A.V. Polischuk, S.V. Chirkov, O.V. Churikova, N.A. Kravtsova
№4 2020

Introduction. Lower urinary tract symptoms are a socially significant problem on a global scale.

Material and methods. The clinical study included 57 men with complaints of LUTS. Patients were randomized to receive LUTS medication. The main observation group consisted of 42 primary patients aged 41 to 67 years. For therapy in whom the drug Diunorm® was used at a dose of 400 mg once a day. The control group included 15 patients aged 50 to 64 years. As an initial therapy, Tamsulosin 0.4 mg was prescribed once a day. The observation period last 90 days in both groups. The effectiveness of therapy was assessed on the basis of questionnaire scales, ultrasound and uroflowmetry.

Results and discussion. Conservative therapy of LUTS in both groups was accompanied by a subjective reduction in symptoms according to the total score on the IPSS scale (p <0.0001). A similar dynamics in the study groups took place in relation to a decrease in the frequency of nocturia (p <0.01). Analysis of the IIEF-5 questionnaire and ultrasound did not reveal any changes in the observation groups for 3 months (p> 0.05). A significant increase in the maximum urination rate was recorded in patients taking Diunorm®. The growth rate was on average 29.3 ± 21.0% (p <0.001).

Conclusion. The drug Diunorm® reliably and comparable to tamsulosin reduces the severity of LUTS and the frequency of nocturia in primary relatively young patients, without causing ejaculatory disorders.

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