Шадёркина Виктория Анатольевна

Shaderkina Viktoriya Anatolyevna

Russian Urology Today Project Manager
Urologist-oncologist. Russia

Country: Russia
Region: Moscow
Place of employment: Urology Scientific Research Institute, 51 3-ya Parkovaya Str., Moscow, Russia
Business telephone number: 8 (926) 017-52-14 (Moscow)


  • Sience editor of Urology information portal (from 2002)
  • Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper of Russian Urology Society (from 2014)
  • General Director of UroMedia LLC (from 2009)
  • President of Medical Journlist Association (from 2015)
  • Researcher at N. Lopatkin Scientific Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology,  Innovation Department  (from 2011)

Professional skills: outpatient urology and urologic surgery, andrology, pediatric urology, infertility problems,oncourology. Viktoria Anatolyevna has experience of more than 47.000 on-line urology counseling on and websites.

Addresses of the webpages:

The author of 700 articles on urology, oncourology, andrology, pediatric urology problems not only for the urologists and specialists in the collateral areas, but also for the patients:​

  • "Experimental and clinical urology"
  • "Urology Digest"
  • "Outpatient Urology Academy (OUA) Digest"
  • "Russian Urologist Society Newspaper"
  • "Notes for urologists"
  • "iDoctor"
  • "Woman Secrets"
  • "Moscow Urologist"
  • "Sobesednik"
  • "Urology Today"
  • "Effective pharmacology in Urology"
  • "Express Newspaper"
  • "АВС"
  • Internet-based projects:,,

Active member of European Association of Urology,  Russian Journalist Union and International federation of Jouralists, President of Association of Medical Journalists.