28 April 2022 32
Experience of laparoscopic technique application in upper urinary tract pathology in children
Zorkin S.N.
Shakhnovsky D.S.
27 April 2022 28
High pressure Balloon dilatation as a new method of treatment for obstructive uropathy
Zorkin S.N.
Shakhnovsky D.S.
Salnikov V.Y.
27 April 2022 9
Inlay urethroplasty in primary and reoperative hypospadias: evaluation of results with the help of the HOPE and HOSE-score objective scoring systems
Batrutdinov R.T.
Polyakov P.N.
27 April 2022 7
Temporary derivation of the urinary tract, as the method of choice for the treatment of obstructive megaureter in newborns
Filatov A.I.
Filatov I.A
Rostovtsev N.M.
27 March 2022 5
Risk factors of for stress urinary incontinence in patients after surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse by the vaginal approach
George Kasyan
Nataliya V. Tupikina
M. Gvozdev
Malchasyan A.A.
Dmitry Yu. Pushkar
26 December 2021 1
The specifics of the psychological functioning of patients with interstitial cystitis
Melekhin A.I.

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